KAUAIIAN GIRL ENTERPRISES, is an independent Music Label Founded, Owned and Operated by CHERYL MOANA MARIE. In 1994, Cheryl Moana Marie followed her true entrepreneurial spirit and founded KAUAIIAN GIRL ENTERPRISES as a means to market and produce her music, modeling, writing and acting careers. As of 2008, Cheryl has included her record label into KAUAIIAN GIRL ENTERPRISES, allowing her legal ownership and distribution rights to her image, music and all writing properties. In keeping with Cheryl's continuing professional expansion, Cheryl has formed several Subsidiary Companies under her KGE umbrella. Cheryl is a member of ASCAP and owner of Kamoana Music Publishing.


With the success from her KAUA'I MOTION EP, melodically delicious with an exotic flare. Angelic and ambient vocals combined with Cheryl's Hawaiian and Chinese roots make this Pop EP Album an International fusion.

Cheryl will be releasing her second album in October, REACH HIGHER. The album was written and produced by CHERYL MOANA MARIE alongside her famed Music Producer, David Cochrane. This album still fused with International flavor with the same effervescent vocals that she's known for will surely ignite any listener across the globe.

Her vision for KAUAIIAN GIRL Enterprises is to breathe life into her writing projects which consists of a FULL-LENGTH Animation Film, 10-Volume Children Book Series, 4-Part Comic Book Series, and a Compilation Book of her Poetry Writings.


CHERYL MOANA MARIE is a Recording Artist, Film Writer/Producer, On-Air Host, and is a Commercial & Print Model. In 2008, she released her first EP Album Kauai Motion, and has been heard playing at the posh W HOTELS as well as Radio Airwaves across the Pacific Rim. It is very clear that KAUAIIAN GIRL ENTERPRISES has everything it takes to be on the A LIST of the ICON STATUS WORLD.